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Frequently Asked Questions about the MBA

Is EKU’s MBA degree program accredited? EKU’s MBA degree is accredited by AACSB International- The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.  AACSB International accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.  Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review.  AACSB accreditation is the hallmark of excellence in management education.

How do I drop a course? The Registrar as a strict course dropping policy. Withdrawal within the first four weeks of the semester can be done via EKU Direct. After the fourth week, you must submit a written request via the official Class Drop/ Withdraw Form and obtain the signature of your instructor. You will also be charged $50 per credit hour to drop. Please see the Registrar's website for instructions and the form.

Who should be in EKU’s MBA Program? EKU’s MBA Program is designed for working professionals.  It is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in business and also non-business (engineering, health sciences, social sciences, etc.).  The majority of students in the program are already involved in their business careers, and want to use the MBA as a vehicle for enhancement into upper management.

What undergraduate business background is required for admittance? Students can be admitted without an undergraduate business degree. Students without business degrees, however, must complete nine prerequisite undergraduate-level courses:  See the Admission Requirements page for details.  An undergraduate course in differential calculus is strongly recommended, but not required. If your coursework was completed more than seven years ago, you may be required to retake or test out of it.

What courses are required to complete the MBA? There are seven MBA (850 level) Business Core courses and a capstone course in business policy. See the Program page for complete details. All of these courses are offered at least once per academic year.  The corresponding undergraduate-level prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the core courses, and in addition, QMB 850 must be completed prior to FIN 850 and MKT 850.  A variety of business elective courses are offered during the year, and two of these must also be completed.

Are courses scheduled conveniently? There are some 100% online courses, some blended courses that are mostly online with a few on campus meetings, and some traditional evening courses. The traditional evening courses meet one night per week from 6 to 8:45 pm during fall and spring semesters.  None are offered during the regular working day.  Prerequisite courses are offered at various times or, in some cases, online.

Can Business Core courses or electives be taken elsewhere and transferred to EKU’s Program? There are tight restrictions on transfer courses, and prior approval by the MBA Director must be obtained. In many cases, up to six credit hours from an accredited institution may be transferred in to be used as elective credit.

What are the admission standards for EKU’s MBA? See the Admission Requirements page.

How large is EKU’s MBA Program? There are approximately 100 students currently active in the program with 75-80 enrolled per semester. Class sizes never exceed 25 with the average being 15-20.

How long does it take to complete an MBA at EKU? Students who have completed all undergraduate-level prerequisite courses must then complete 30 hours of core and elective courses for the General and Accounting MBA options. This can be accomplished by taking two courses per semester for five semesters (less than two years). Courses are offered during the summer semesters. Students can choose to take 1-4 courses per semester.

Who instructs EKU’s MBA courses? Only full-time EKU Business Faculty instructs MBA courses.  All MBA Faculty meet stringent research and other standards above those required for undergraduate instruction.  All hold doctoral degrees in their fields of instruction. See the Faculty page for a complete list of MBA faculty.

What is the tuition for MBA courses? See the EKU Fee Schedule on the Student Accounting website. All MBA courses are three credit hours.

How do prospective students apply and receive other information about the MBA Program? Applications are submitted via the Graduate School’s website.  Other information can also be obtained at the MBA website or by calling the MBA office at 859-622-1775.

I have not taken my GMAT exam as of yet. Since I need to take 9 prerequisite classes, should I start on the prerequisites and then take the GMAT close to the completion of those classes?  Your best bet is to take the prerequisites as a non-degree undergraduate student (unless you are using Financial Aid, in which case you will need to be registered in a degree program). We can only admit you to the Pre-MBA if you have taken the GMAT and received at least a 450. As a Pre-MBA you can take the prerequisites, and once you receive the required grades, be switched to full MBA status. The Pre-MBA is recognized as part of the MBA program and so is eligible for Financial Aid.

ACC 820 is a graduate level class. Can it be counted as part of the MBA required classes? ACC 820 is a graduate level course specifically designed to be equivalent to ACC 201 and 202, thus it is considered an MBA prerequisite course and not eligible to be counted as an MBA course.

I realize that I have a C in MGT 300 and MKT 300, but my overall GPA is greater than your minimum 2.5, why do I need to retake these prerequisites? The reason for our grade requirements is not just an issue of overall GPA. We require minimum grades of B in these courses because they directly relate to the MBA core courses. Our graduate school policy places students on academic probation should their GPA drop below a 3.0 and dismisses students if they are below a 3.0 longer than one semester. Additionally, the MBA program only permits students to earn one C throughout their entire program. A second C or any grade below a C, results in dismissal. Thus our grade requirements are established to ensure students the best possibility of success in our program.

I don’t want to retake my prerequisites; are there any other options? Some prerequisites have CLEP exams (credit by exam). The testing website is:

I have completed the first year of MBA in India. Can I transfer my credits to your program? The Graduate School requires that you have your transcripts evaluated by WES ( We can only accept transfer credits from other AACSB accredited universities. International application requirements can be found here:

Can I send you my resume and recommendation letters via email? Yes, we can accept your resume and recommendation letters via email.

When should I apply for admission? EKU's MBA program admits students three times per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. The deadlines for these semesters are August 5, December 15, and April 25 respectively. In order to be considered for admission, you must have a complete admission packet submitted to the MBA office by these dates. It is recommended that you begin the process at least two weeks prior to the deadline. Be aware that GMAT scores can take up to four weeks to reach EKU.

I have personal/work/family issues and don't think I can take a class next semester. Will I be dropped from the program? There is no problem with sitting out semesters, students do it all the time. We purposely designed our program to allow students to take as many or as few classes in any order or not at all because we know they have lives, jobs, families, etc. You can, as of current Grad School policy, sit out up to two years without having to reenroll.

Are there GMAT study guides or test prep materials? There are study guides on the website as well as an online GMAT Guide.

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