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Faculty Spotlight Dr. Vincent

Dr. Vincent

Why did you decide to enter the higher education field?

I worked for a marketing professor as an undergraduate student and started working on research and teaching projects.  I really loved the fact that as a professor, you could work on projects that were focused on your areas of interest.  My professor encouraged me to apply for the PhD program and ultimately changed my life by showing me how amazing it is to be a professor.

Where are you originally from? Hometown?

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. 

What is your favorite moment of teaching to date?

I had a former student select me as their favorite professor.  It was a true honor and it really meant so much to me.  You never really know the impact you may have on a student, and she told me that I was the one who helped her realize that marketing was the area she wanted to specialize in.  I passed along her resume and she ultimately got a fantastic job in marketing at a large firm.  She has done very well in her career and I still keep in touch with her.  The lasting relationships with students are so important!

Where did you receive your doctorate from and how long have you been at EKU?

I received my PhD from Georgia Tech.  I graduated with a PhD in Management in 2005.  I was on the faculty at the University of Kentucky for 9 years and this is my first semester at EKU.

What is one characteristic that makes you different from other professors?

I think I have a reputation for giving really tough exams!  J  Maybe that isn’t unique…but I do feel that it is my job to make students think critically.  I like to center my exams around the application of course material. 

Hobbies? Interests? If you had to choose a different job what would it be?

I love to bake and cook.  I think if I had to choose a different job, I would be a chef.

I also really like Math and Stats.  I could also see myself working at a marketing research firm.

What do you enjoy most about being a professor?

The interactions with students.  I feel so fortunate to have the chance to get to know so many students and learn from them.  Being a professor allows me to keep learning.  No one day is the same as the one before it and that keeps my excited and engaged in my job. 

Favorite Movie, T.V Show, or Book?

I have three little boys so most of the time I watch kid’s shows. The best movie I have seen in the last year is Frozen.  “Let it go…”

What is your favorite thing about EKU so far?

The culture.  I have felt right at home at EKU.  The faculty are dedicated and focused on providing the best learning environment for students.  The students are engaged and ready to learn. 

Published on November 03, 2014

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